Management Development Program

The sweeping changes in the corporate world consequent upon liberalization, privatization and globalization, the convergence of technologies and the growth of the Internet have unleashed competition both in the domestic and international markets. The new millennium demands that managers keep abreast of developments and be ahead of the needs of their organization.

In the emerging learning society, knowledge has become an important tool in the corporate world. Managers have recognized the need to update their knowledge and skills to deal with rapidly changing situations and developments in the market place. MSofM shares its knowledge and expertise to build global competitiveness and the government’s facilitation role in development.

MSofM strength lies in its diverse faculty traits and decades of experience in training public and private sector executives. Experts from the Corporate sector also are included in the faculty team as and when required to make the programs contemporary and practical. The programs are either customized in-house programs designed to suit an organization’s specific needs, or open programs where participants from different organizations attend.

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