Learning and Development Interventions

In MSofM quest towards becoming a totally integrated management school with an international presence, Management Development Programs (MDPs) play a crucial role. The objective of the MDPs is to help improve management systems through competency building at various levels in the corporate, government, and non-government sectors to take on leadership roles in various positions– individually and collectively.

MSofM devises and designs customized programs to meet the specific needs of various organizations, in both the public and private sectors. These programs pertain to general management as well as various functional areas. The programs can be conducted at the MSofM campus in the City of Manchester or at a location designated by the client organizations.

In essence, the MDPs epitomize the quest for knowledge that ties together the MSofM faculty and the industry through mutual exchange. The MDP’s two-way learning process filters through the school’s Specialised MBA (ONLINE) and Executive MBA (EMAB) programs through case studies of current situations.

As a result, MSofM is able to produce leaders with not only the tools to build what tomorrow will be but also with the knowledge of today that works effectively. The school and partners have been organizing Executive Programs for the past 20 years for officers of state and central governments and practicing managers of public and private sector organizations.

It has conducted nearly 100 programs for over 17000 professionals across the Commonwealth and outside.

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