Open Programs

Open-house programs draw participation from across different industries in the public and private sectors. They are spread over 2 to 6 days and organized in areas such as 1: Strategic Management 2: Marketing Management 3: Financial Management 4: Accounting & Finance for Non-Finance Executives 5: […]

Unit-Based (In-House / Customized Programs)

Customized training programs and executive development interventions can be delivered at the designated venue of the client organization. The training programs are designed to help government, public and private business organizations to enhance their competence, performance, productivity and profitability. The Training Division offers a cafeteria […]

Learning and Development Interventions

In MSofM quest towards becoming a totally integrated management school with an international presence, Management Development Programs (MDPs) play a crucial role. The objective of the MDPs is to help improve management systems through competency building at various levels in the corporate, government, and non-government […]

Management Development Program

The sweeping changes in the corporate world consequent upon liberalization, privatization and globalization, the convergence of technologies and the growth of the Internet have unleashed competition both in the domestic and international markets. The new millennium demands that managers keep abreast of developments and be […]